JavaScript / Front-End Developer

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JavaScript / Rich Media Developer

Create awesome campaigns for amazing clients. Improve processes and update frameworks to make your life easier. This might also give you some extra time to improve your skills and increase the change to beat your colleagues with FIFA, Rocket League or other games.


But wait.... there is more! 

We believe that the way of work determines the quality of campaigns. That's why we put a ton of hours in improving processes, listening to our clients and creating rich experience for our endusers. Unfortunately we're a bit short on time, that's why we are looking for you!

As JavaScript / Rich Media Developer you enrich campaigns with creative delights, research new technical possibilities and try to improve your FIFA, Rocket League or table football skills. You work for brands such as, PostNL, Rituals, Dutch Lottery, Landal GreenParks and ABN AMRO.

Your role within production focuses mainly on the development of interactions with JavaScript, HTML5 videos and dynamic content. During quiet periods you will look for improvements in the process to make life easier for you and your colleagues. During busy periods you benefit from the optimisations you've made and use these improvements while creating high quality campaigns.

Colleagues can discuss technical challenges with you. You can help projectmanagers by giving a realistic time estimation and you explore the technical boundaries during brainstorm sessions with designers. 

So, are you the developer we're looking for?

  • You have a minimum of 3 years JavaScript experience
  • You know the ins- and outs of OOP and/or MVC frameworks
  • You can animate using JavaScript or CSS
  • The code you write is structured which makes it easy to share work
  • You communicate clearly with colleagues
  • You have experience with automating / taskrunners such as Gulp, Webpack and Grunt
  • You're up to date with the latest developments within HTML5 / JavaScript
  • You're interested in advertising, like to work on short-term campaigns and you like beautiful campaigns or animations.

Still interested?

We know that the advertising and production world can be very hectic, that's why we try to make your life as easy as possible.

We do this by:

  • Money (every month!)
  • (Fairly) nice colleagues
  • An open culture at the office
  • A lot of freedom and personal responsibility
  • Personal development and training opportunities
  • Unlimited days leave*
  • Travel allowance
  • Pension scheme
  • Fine lunches
  • Trips, beers and snacks

 Within fair range of course. ;-) You just need to check with your direct colleagues.

Last but not least, we will let you win (once or twice) with FIFA. Because that's the kinda friends we are.

Enough chatter! If you've reached it this far, it might be a good idea to send an email to or push the button below and convince us of your qualities (then we will try to do the same).